The Best Investment is You

The Best Investment is You

Last year, I was researching and authoring a series of articles for Understand31. One consistent theme kept popping up, and that was to invest in yourself. Invest in your life experiences. Invest in your education. Invest in your career.

That is truly your best investment.


Most investments (or gambles) – lotteries, shares, property, race-horses, art – involve market forces beyond your control. But when you invest in yourself, you increase your ability to succeed over the long-term, and have far more control over the outcome. 

How do you invest in yourself?

I guess we first need to understand what we really want. 

You might be driven by happiness and health, friendships and relationships or the pursuit of a career or dream. It might be a combination of all of these. It might be something completely different.

The best investments are those that guide you to these ambitions.

You know the best part? These investments are not hard to make.

Invest small bits of time and thought into experiences and education that give you new levels of confidence and skill. Invest little bits of money in initiatives and adventures that will shape and dictate what you become.



Why are you the best investment?

When you start investing in yourself, a positive investment cycle begins.

You become more skilled

When you invest time and effort into education or learning something new, you will know more about it. If you spend more time with friends and family, you will develop stronger bonds. If you dedicate more time to practicing any craft, or learning new ways to approach it, you will see improvements.

You become more confident

With new skills comes more confidence. Confidence to handle your existing tasks and tackle new challenges. Confidence that you can continue to learn new skills and try new things.

You become more valuable

New skills and greater confidence give you a deeper sense of value. They allow you to explore further boundaries, deeper relationships, and new potential.  It gives you the platform for an ongoing sense of financial security and freedom.

Your willingness to invest in new skills is heightened, and the cycle starts over. This applies across any domain – family, friends, health, relaxation, careers and education.

That is why investing in yourself is truly your best investment decision.

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