Saving money with your dog

Saving money with your dog

This is a story about using simple tools to help you reach your saving goals.

It’s about being inventive; finding whatever you can to help you along.

Kleeo the Master Saver

My sister had a picture of her dog, Kleeo, on the sideboard.

A straight-to-camera black Labrador with that goofy, cute, head tilted look.

How does a dog become a saving money tool?

Behind the frame was cash.

It’s easy to deposit and put behind the frame.

But withdrawals?

Whenever she thought about making a withdrawal, and looked at the photo, the sound of a cautioning, drawn out ‘noooo’ entered her mind.

The dog was telling her what she’d been telling the dog.

It was a small, but powerful reminder to think carefully before cracking into the hard earned savings.

It’s an interesting concept.

It forces you to reflect on yourself before making a decision.

Morals or guiding principles

In a related experiment, Professor Dan Ariely found that students cheated less when they signed an honour code or recited The 10 Commandments before they were unleashed on a quiz that required honest self-appraisal.

Why? Ariely postulates that the students were forced to remember their moral compass. To refer to overarching principles that guided their actions.

The dog, as a gatekeeper, forced my sister to remember the reasons for saving, and the commitment required to reach a particular goal.

How can you use this little technique in your favour?

What pet, person or reflection can help you reach your goals?

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