Need New Year’s Resolution resolve?

Need New Year’s Resolution resolve?

Struggling to reach the goals you set for 2015?

I’m not surprised.

And you’re not alone.

Changing old habits and making new habits is hard work.

First, you have to break your inertia toward doing the same thing, over and over.

Then, you have to actively take steps to change, and force your auto-pilot to do things it doesn’t easily recall.

And finally, repeat. Over and over until the new habit is formed.

February breakdown

About this time of year, the best made resolutions start to crumble. The early momentum and enthusiasm is slowly replaced by default actions that pop back up, ‘oh well, this one break from my new routine won’t hurt’.

Before you realise, the habits you wanted to break are back.

My goal this year is wavering. The first 3 weeks were pretty easy. Week four the old habits starting coming back. .

Early on, I’d catch those thoughts as actions. But as they kept popping up, I’d make small excuses.

Now it’s at the point where I’m halfway between new and old habits, but the old habits have the momentum swing in their favour.

Gradually, the clever little rascals snuck under my guard.

Oh well, might as well shelve that resolution until next year, right?

Tools to keep you on track

We humans need internal and external help when it comes to setting new habits. Information. Reminders. Tools. Gentle nudges.

If your goal was money related this year, here’s a starting point.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you know how much you currently spend?
  • Do you know how much you can realistically save?

They are probably the first bits of information you need in order to start the change process.

If you haven’t figured those things out by now, chances are your resolution will fall flat.

Even if you did figure those out, are you giving yourself regular reminders and prompts to push you toward the goal? Is it becoming a habit yet?

Until it does, those old habits will sneak under your guard, too.

Start your New Year’s Resolution now

It’s never too late to start. Or to get back on track.

Start gathering the information you need right now.

Start using the tools and techniques that will turn your ambition into habit.

If your goals are based on hitting money goals, give ONENUMBR a try.

2015 is just another year of hope and ambition.

What will you make of it?

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